Session 1: Inner Healing

In 2 Cor 5:17 we read that those who are in Christ Jesus, is a new creation; that the old things have passed away and all things have become new. Why then is inner healing necessary? In this session, we lay the foundation of Vibrant Hearts and look into the where and how to start the process of healing from the hurt of the past.

Session 2: Bitterness and unforgiveness

The events of our past can so easily cause bitterness to be present in our lives, without us even noticing it. Forgiveness is the key to getting rid of the bitterness in our lives.

Session 3: Thoughts

In this session we will look at how the brain works and how thought patterns are formed. There is hope for the existing thought patterns that affect our lives in a negative way. The renewal of your mind is possible. Don’t miss this one.

Session 4: Demonic bindings and inherited sins

Can children of God be attacked by darkness? What is the origin of blessings and curses? What is meant by Exodus 34: 7 “… visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.” These are, among other things, the issues addressed.

Session 5: The remembrance within your cells

Bad events in our past can not only have a negative impact on our minds through the formation of negative thoughts, but also leave markers in our DNA. A marker has a memory, but the Lion of Judah has the final say.

Session 6: Forgiving self and condemnation

I simply cannot forgive myself. Does this sound familiar? If God can forgive you, who are you to not forgive yourself. This is usually a session where the Holy Spirit comes to work very deeply. Allow Him to come and restore your true identity.

Session 7: Rejection and pleasing others

The roots of rejection lie very deep. The fruits of rejection are destructive. Do you feel like you have to work hard all the time to please everyone and if you can’t, it leaves you in a dark place? There is definitely hope for you. The Holy Spirit wants to point out the roots of your rejection and guide you to freedom and healing.

Session 8: Trauma

Trauma is a severe emotional shock and pain caused by stressful events beyond your control. What is the long-term impact of the traumatic events of your past? We look at the biblical truths that will shed light on your post-trauma darkness and lead you to a life of victory.

Session 9: Sexual sin and soul ties

The Lord created the sexual to be beautiful and clean, but satan managed to take what was beautiful and make it dirty. Lérie shares from her own life how God came to heal the sexual imprints of her life and brought about supernatural recovery.

Session 10: Inner promises, pride and religion

I will never be like my mother. I will never marry someone like my dad. And then? Then it happened. Learn more about inner promises, the connection between pride and inner promises, and the religious masks that are the fruit of this kind of pride. It’s time for change.

Session 11: Honor vs rebellion

True honor has its origin in the heart. Honor is a biblical principle with a tremendous positive return. Rebellion on the other hand is destructive, it steals honor and is something that prevents the blessing of the Lord. The session involves an in-depth study of the 2 topics, and we look at the steps of healing to transform a life of rebellion into a life of honor.

Session 12: Shame

Shame is the intense painful feeling one experiences about one’s own mistakes, deficiencies and sins. Shame makes you feel like you’re never good enough. What is the root of shame? How does this shame take root from childhood? What are the fruits of shame? This is another session with a profound impact.

Session 13: Fear

Faith and fear are two opposite spiritual forces that work against each other in the life of a believer. Both are projecting into future and demanding fulfilment. One of the two will prevail in the areas of our lives. At some point we all struggle with fear. In this session, we will look at stress and its impact on our body. We also look at the fear of people and the fear of God and how to overcome this unhealthy fear.

Session 14: Your tongue

Your heart is the tree and your words are the fruit. By the words of our mouths we make known to all that is going on in our hearts. Who can tame the tongue is a question asked in the Word of God. It also declares that our hearts can rejoice and our tongues rejoice.

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